Have you been wondering about how to get more involved in your child’s education and meet other parents?!
Come to our Harrison Elementary PTO Meetings this year!
We need teachers and parents to help us move our mission forward to promote positive relationships between parents and teachers of Harrison’s children! We also fund extra activities throughout the year not funded by the schools such as field trips!
The Harrison Elementary Parent Teacher Organization meets on the third Thursday of each month during the school year at 4:00 pm in the art room. We would love to see more parents join us. 
One of the major forms of communication we use for parents and staff is our Facebook Page. Please search Harrison Eagles Parent and Teacher Organization and request to be added. We also use texting and emailing. The secretaries will send these out for us. Please make sure your information is up to date with the school so you receive these notifications. 
The Box Top program is another easy way to earn money for our school. If you don't want to clip and save the box tops, you can download the app and scan your receipt. This is an easy way  for us to earn extra cash.
President: Val Bundy
Treasurer: Rieanna King
Box Tops: Anna Knudsen
Box Tops